Cyberpunk Launch Party Tonight! (PC Gamers get 1st bid!) Link inside!!!

It is FINALLY HERE! That is rate, highly anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 drops tonight!   >>>CLICK HERE FOR THE TWITCH STREAM!!!<<<

I hope you preordered because we’ve got some news for you, game drops midnight for consoles but.. PC Gamers and NVidia.. gets it at 9PM EST!

You all know how excited we have all been for this game and tonight is the night!

But that’s not it… there are alot of Deets you have to check out from.. what time in your time zone the game drops, which store gives you bonus content, Pc Requirements and much more, so we did something unusual… dropping 3 links from 3 different gaming new sources for complete coverage!

Check out the trailer below!


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