Black Friday Was a Bust… But Let’s Go Ubisoft!

Black Friday Was a Bust… But Let’s Go Ubisoft!

Ok So Black Friday sucked total ass, like everything except some here and there was weak asf!

So the winner by default and awesomeness at the same time a bit of saving is….  :Big Gasp:

Ubisoft +.. So I am gonna just say it, all of the sales fucking sucked!.. No ch3ck this out. listen to me here why Ubi+ is the winner..

Sledgehammers, vanguard…is some fucking shit… if it ain’t infinity ward it ain’t right..

Period! Battlefield could’ve gotten it BUT, too many bugs and issues, not even excited anymore to get it…

Now with all the other games you go, why Rich why, why UBISOFT+ ?.

for $15 a month.. we get ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE UBISOFT+ LIBRARY

Now  Now Now, if you notice EA Access, gives you like 10 hours of playtime for premium/new games.

Not UBISOFT+ they said. “BITCH, come take the whole damn catalog”… including DIRT 3-5, Dirt Rally 2.0, Far Cry 6, Assassins’ Creed Valhalla,  Riders Republic, Watch Dogs, The Division 2, The Crew 2 and Much More!

ONE MORE THING! You get FULL Hours, No Trials.   Fuck you EA! ( I still use this for some games lol)

and thanks to Ubisoft they put out + for only $11.99, now yes I know that’s not that cheap but hey look… $12 for a huge effin catalog.. if you don’t like it.. your either dumb and hate babies or your dumb and you hate babies!  ‘Merica!

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