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Can and will tournaments be held virtually?

Yes! for sure! No matter what goes on Gamers have to stick together!

That why we have implemented from the start virtual tournaments every Wednesday (until further notice). So tune in via our Twitch Page and drop in on our Discord for pure gamer talk! Hope to se you soon! and stay Gamer!

I want to be featured on DMV Gamer, what do I have to do?

That’s easy! Send us content of you or someone you know playing a game that people would find watch worthy & we will give you credits!


YouTube video are welcomed!

How often will tournaments be held?

Every week there will be a virtual tournament and every 1-2 weeks a physical bigger tournament. To make sure you have the most up to date information and chatter check out our events tabs 7 join our discord.

How old do you have to be to participate in the tournaments

For all tournaments that require monetary buy-ins, participants MUST be 18+, events that are prize based with NO monetary buy-ins, as well as for sport will allow all ages.

is there a sign in sheet to sign up for tournaments online?

Yes! we will use Google forms/sheets as well as to do all of our bidding. Information will be help on each event card or emailed for private events.

Where is DMV & Will you guys be doing any touring?

DMV stands for DC, Maryland & Virginia area. home in the USA of course.

We won’t be touring anytime soon until the COVID-19 restrictions are thoroughly lifted on the east coast.

Will you guys be doing shout outs!?

Hell yeah!  At DMV GAMER we encourage ALL Gamers to be apart of not a company, but a movement to bring Worldwide status to Gamers locally!

We have sports teams that the world knows, I started this to create Gamers that the WORLD KNOWS!

So please don’t be a stranger, send all your best clips in from your YouTube page so not only you get the free promo, but the views to!

Do you sponsor people in anyway?

YES! One of the things that we are looking to do, is to find enthusiastic gamers who likes to find news, articles, create gaming content that is exciting & exhilarating for the world to see.


So if you have what it takes and want to be the next exciting featured streamer, content creator, keep gaming on hard because the next Cyberpunk & Wireless gaming wheel might be on us!